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& Evangelism

All Christians, by virtue of their salvation through Christ, have been called to participate in the mission of God through evangelism and disciple-making. We desire that all COTR members work to make disciples; by intentionally working for the spiritual maturity of others through evangelism, instruction, correction, modeling, and encouragement. These disciple-making efforts can and should take a variety of forms—ranging from formal and structured methods (classes, discipleship groups, etc.) to less formal and organic practices (small groups, sharing meals, casual spiritual conversations, etc.) —all directed at helping others.


In evangelism, we work to verbally proclaim the message of the gospel to non-believers, seeking to persuade them of the truth of the gospel and calling them to respond in repentance and faith. Because all people need the gospel, and because Christ is worthy to receive glory and honor from all, we want to evangelize and make disciples “of all nations”—both locally and globally. This means living with missional intentionality in our everyday lives and relationships. In evangelism, disciple-making, and missions, our central message is the gospel of Jesus Christ, our primary tool is the Scriptures, and our

sole power is the Holy Spirit.

Mediate on these scripture as you embark on your journey of discipleship.

Matthew 28:18-20

John 4:39

Acts 1:8

Romans 1:5

2 Corinthians 5:20

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